By: Blonde Two

Well, dear Blondees and Blondettes. We Blondes would bet our favourite walking socks, that you will not be able to work out what we are going to be doing this morning. I bet you would like to try and guess though!

If you were here, we could play the “Yes/No” game. You aren’t here, so we have played the game for you (we hope you enjoyed it):

1. Are you Blondes going to be on Dartmoor? YES!
2. Are you Blondes going to be together? YES!
3. Will you have Jelly Babies with you? YES!
4. Are you going for a long Blonde Bimble? NO!
5. Will there be any Blonde giggling? YES!
6. Are you looking forward to it? YES! NO!
7. Have you got a Blonde system for this event? NO!
8. Is anyone else coming with you? YES!
9. Will you need a minibus? NO!
10. Will you tell us all about it tomorrow? WAIT AND SEE!

See you tomorrow – B1 & B2 xx