By: Blonde One

Well, that’s clearly not true as today Blonde One was to be found alone on Dartmoor. When I say alone, I mean without Blonde Two or any of the Blonde One family. The day began with a determination to clear out some cupboards to make room for new bits and pieces (especially walking kit) but the weather conspired against me. It wasn’t my fault, but I just had to get out for a walk! The weather was stunning and I’m sure that I could actually hear Dartmoor whispering to me, beckoning me to visit. Little Miss Blonde was out with a friend and Mr Blonde One was taking part in a fencing competition (swords not wooden panels!) so there was no-one home to supervise or make sure that I did my chores! It didn’t take long for me to give in to the temptation and I was soon up on the hills. It isn’t often that I get to walk on my own these days. Blonde Two is obviously my usual companion but she has temporarily abandoned me in favour of her family ‘up north’ (anywhere past Exeter is classed as ‘up north’ to a Devonian) and the abundance of Ten Tors or DofE youngsters are not due out with me until January. So I had the rare pleasure of a walk on my own. I wasn’t really on my own as I’m sure you can imagine, there were what seemed like hundreds of folk and their dogs and children out today. Everyone was very jolly and I really didn’t mind sharing my solitude with them. After a couple of hours and a visit to the Christmas tree I returned to the car. Everything now seems calmer, happier and much more relaxed. The power of the moors has done it again: my head is decluttered even if my house isn’t. Unlike my cupboards, my head now has room for more new stuff. Bring on the new year!!!