By: Blonde One


Last week (my goodness was it only last week?!) we ran another navigation workshop in an effort to encourage a few more people to enjoy the stunning Dartmoor safely. It was our pleasure this time to run the course for the sons of some of our previous Dartmoor navigation course ladies. Despite it being in the middle of their summer holidays when they probably could have thought of a hundred alternate things to be doing they turned up and wowed us with their enthusiasm. I’m not sure how coerced they were into coming to the day or how grumpy they were at having to miss some of their time away from mates but they turned up with a cheerful and excited nature. Blonde Two and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching the youngsters who ranged from age 11 to 14 and seeing them achieve such a lot in such a short time. The classroom session was shorter than usual; they were itching to get outside and practise their new navigation skills, and they seemed to learn in super quick time. The early mist soon burned off and we were treated to Dartmoor weather behaving beautifully for a change.

The youngsters caught on quickly to everything that we demonstrated and were soon using a wide range of strategies to pinpoint quite tricky features such as almost invisible boundaries and dried up ponds. Throughout the day they were keen to learn and showed such enthusiasm. I really hope that we have inspired them to have a go at Ten Tors or the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

We’re used to working with slightly older youngsters than these but I would not hesitate to work with this age again if these are anything to go by!

This Dartmoor navigation course was bespoke, arranged by special request; get in touch if you would like to discuss your own course.

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