By: Blonde Two

There is only one thing more rewarding than doing something that you really love and that is teaching someone else to love it too.

This weekend will see the Two Blondes out on the moors doing just that.  For some of the youngsters, it will be their first Dartmoor experience, first bog, first cold hands, first compass bearing.  They will turn up with tiny bags, giant lunches and not enough jumpers.  None of these will be a problem, we will have giant bags, loads of jumpers and be more than happy to relieve them of a snack or two.  They will moan and shiver and scream at the sight of mud but most of them will come back for more.

More importantly, a few of them will be hooked for life and become Dartmoor’s custodians of the future.  Most of us can remember the moment when we realised beyond a doubt that outside was the place for us, fresh air was our nectar and the smell of sheep dung our favourite perfume.  If I can be part of that moment for just one youngster then my year’s work will already be done by the time I run the bath on Saturday night.