By: Blonde Two

This is the Two Blondes’ first sponsored blog post.  It’s for Outdoor Camping Direct  who like our blog and directly sell outdoor camping equipment (can you buy indoor camping equipment?)!

Where are you right now? Sitting in an overheated office? Waiting for a late train? Cooking the same supper as you had on this day last week? Well, here’s a picture for you to roll around your head:

Imagine a hillside bathed in the warm orange rays of a sun that is setting in front of you. You are sitting in the porch of your perfectly pitched tent, your sleeping bag and mat are laid out invitingly inside. In your hand is a hot cup of tea and your supper is bubbling nicely on your well controlled stove. You have a book in your hand, but are not reading it; your eyes are too busy taking in the stunning natural landscape that surrounds you. You are completely relaxed and completely at peace.

STOP! Stop thinking that thought right now! It is true that once in a while, the perfect camping-moment does come along; but not every time. For example; despite having bought some lovely new camping equipment, the you in our picture has not checked the weather forecast. It is going to rain all over your tent at 2 o’clock in the morning; which, by annoying coincidence will be exactly the moment that you decide that your bladder is too full for you to stay in your sleeping bag any longer; how you’ll regret that cup of tea!

So why do it? Why go camping at all? Offices are warm, trains are convenient and ovens cook delicious food. The answer is simple; and the reason that you are feeling that call ‘to be at one with nature’ right now is that deep down, every single one of us wants an adventure. Camping is an adventure in itself; it doesn’t need to be at the summit of a misty mountain or half buried in a snow drift. Find a field, find a site, buy some basic camping equipment (a two man tent and a sleeping bag are a good place to start), and get yourself out there. Feed your inner adventurer, he/she is getting very hungry!

Shop around, but a couple of suggestions for basic camping equipment that won’t break the adventure bank might be found here:

Sleeping Bags (we recommend at least a two season one)

Two Man Tents

We quite like the look of this Outwell tent (but haven’t tried it)