By: Blonde One

The title needs to be sung to the George Michael tune!

It suddenly struck me when I returned home safe and sound after our night navigation this week that to be on the moors, at any time never mind in the dark, you have to have faith in the people that you are with. I now know on a small scale how the kids feel when they are with us and we lead them miles from the minibus to a place that looks identical to all of the places that we have ever taken them to before. It must be a scary thing – and no wonder why some don’t come back after the first outing! As Blonde Two will tell you I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to navigation. Even when someone else is leading the leg I like to do my own bearing, work out my own timings and generally have a good grip on the situation (by the way, I don’t necessarily think that this is a bad thing!). Our adventure this week was different. For some reason I didn’t plan our route home in the dark, I didn’t even get my compass out of my pocket and I only counted pacings because Blonde Two told me how many to count! It was a shock to us both that I was so laid back about it all! On returning home I realised what I had actually known for a very long time without noticing, that I have complete faith in Blonde Two!

So, if ever you are stuck on Dartmoor without any idea how you got there and how to get back: who you gonna call?!!! ….. No silly, not Ghostbusters, or George Michael. Blonde Two!