By: Blonde Two

Sadly the translation of “Two Blondes Walking” above isn’t quite correct but, as the more accurate options just don’t have the same kind of ring/rhyme to them, I will go for poetic licence and hope that any German scholars forgive me.

We are moving on to a different set of mountains today.  I hope I will be able to see mountain peaks from my bed in the new one.  It is a shame Blonde One isn’t with me because she would have really enjoyed yesterday’s cable car ride to Eggalm (yes we did take eggs) (1284 metres – 2000 metres), she would have enjoyed the steep climb up to Grublspitze (2395 metres) and she would definitely enjoyed the Kaffee und Kuchen at the hut on the way back down.Hut EggbahnI have just realised by the way (excuse me for being so slow) that I have been living above the height of Snowdon (my previously highest place) for the last week.  In fact, by the magic of cable car, I have been 3250 metres up a mountain (that is over three times the height of Snowdon) no wonder my ears were popping.  Blonde One still wins on the “highest Blonde peak” score though, Mount Toubkal in Morocco is 4165 metres, and she walked up that one!Grublspitze SummitThe highest place on Dartmoor by the way is High Willhayes (in German that might be Hochwillhayespitze) and is only 621 metres.  As I have never yet been there, I wouldn’t like to say how hard the climb is.  I do know that I have been on Dartmoor walks that have had less steepness than today’s did but have seemed much harder work. Having said that, I did get quite slow today towards the top (ok then, and the bottom, it was relentless).Grublspitze Summit 3Here is a little German Blonde ditty I wrote (with a bit of help) for you:

“Zwei Blonder wer wander, Kletterte langsam an die Spitze, Diese schone Berge.

Wenn sie die Spitze gekommen, es war schon dunkel und sie sahen nur die Sterne.”